Natural Science Careers Workshop

NaturalScience.Careers was founded 2012 (as ScienceMums) by Dr. Karin Bodewits and Dr. Philipp Gramlicht. It is a brand-new portal for information, advice and seminars for the working scientists of today and tomorrow. We put together an interesting workshop for the members of our SFB 987. The workshop is free of charge but registration is required.





Company visits


We´ll visit BASF in the morning and FIZ biotech park in the afternoon. BASF, THE Chemical Company... but we´re biologists? Yes, and because BASF is THE Chemical Company, they have much less visibility with biologists than with chemists. A (strangely large) niche in the labour market?

In the afternoon, we´ll visit FIZ biotech park in Frankfurt, giving you an example of the environment of small and medium-sized companies.

In both cases, we focus on discussions with professionals working in these environments. Guided tours and company advertisements will play only a minor role, if at all.

How can you enter these fields? What can you already do during your PhD and postdoc, to get you into a good position for an application? Where are these organisations heading?

As preparation for this event, participants are asked to prepare questions they want to ask the representatives we´ll meet.


Please bring an ID card or passport along. Site safety might check these.

For those of you who have already participated in the company visits 2014: the smaller afternoon part of the day will again be at FIZ Biotech, which we have visited in 2014.


Thursday, September 28th, 2017
from 7 am to 6 pm


University Audimax, Biegenstraße 10, 35037 Marburg

Participants:                  max. 12







Svenja Estor
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Faculty of Biology
Karl-von-Frisch-Strasse 8
Mikrobiologie, Room C -1082               
35043 Marburg

06421 - 28 21530