„Spotlight Microbiology Meeting 2018“

The Collaborative Research Centers from Marburg and Tübingen invite you to the 2nd “Spotlight Microbiology Meeting” to be held at the University of Tübingen, on the 19thand 20th November 2018.

Our meeting will join international microbiology experts with PhD students to discuss topics within our frameworks: “The Bacterial Cell Envelope: Structure, Function, and Infection Interface, SFB766 Tübingen“ and “Microbial Diversity in Environmental Signal Response, SFB987 Marburg”. The members of the SFB 766 and 987 have diverse scientific backgrounds in microbiology, biochemistry, infection biology, cell biology, pharmacy, structural biology, and bioinformatics.

Our conference and social programs will encourage and engage students to share and discuss their work with recognized speakers.

The organizing committee strongly believes that knowledge sharing is of great benefit for our research network, and specifically its many PhD students.

Registration and further information can be found at:


We are looking forward to seeing you in Tübingen!