You never walk alone - We and our microbiome

The human body is inhabited by an impressive number of microbes, the human microbiome. It is thought that the microorganisms in our body outnumber the human cells. The highest density of microbes, such as bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses, is found in the intestinal and respiratory tracts, and on the skin.
In recent years, we have witnessed exciting research unraveling a relevance of the microbiome for human health and wellbeing. Key roles of the human microbiome in providing nutrients, programming the immune system, and preventing colonization by harmful microbes have been suggested.
At the SYNMIKRO Symposium 2019, leading scientists from academia and industry will come together to highlight recent breakthroughs and future trends in human microbiome research, and to discuss consequences for human health and therapeutic options.
Participation in the symposium is free of charge but registration is required.
Anke Becker (SYNMIKRO)
Erhard Bremer (SFB 987)